Cut To Fit Projects

At Ford Marble and Tile, we offer a full service solution to your cut to fit projects. From importing pre-fabricated material, to sorting and installation, to making any alterations needed to help installation proceed quickly and smoothly, our full fabrication shop and experienced installers will meet deadlines, provide above industry standard skill and experience, and make on site alterations, as needed, to avoid any delays to you project.    

Through our partnership with FI Imports, we are able to source custom pre-fabricated natural stone, quartz, or nano-glass, cut to any design specifications to fit any budget or design.  We promise prompt delivery from the fabricator to the installation, making your cut to fit project as worry free as possible.  We work directly with architects and project managers through the planning phase through installation to ensure accuracy and prompt project completion.  

What sets Ford Marble and Tile apart from other installers is our full service capabilities. Not only can we install your pre-fabricated counter tops, but our ability to import materials and make any on site alterations gives you a one stop shop for all cut to fit projects.  From counter tops, to window sills, to wall cladding, we can handle any cut to fit project and we guarantee your satisfaction upon completion.