Restoration Gallery

Terrazzo Restoration, Belleville, Illinois

August, 2016
Old Belleville train station
Carpet Glue and Cracks
Crack in the Terrazzo
Preparing the floor
Prepared Floor
Floor Prep
Terrazzo is all Prepped
Ground, Prepped Terrazzo
Grinding the Floor
Ready to Polish
Repaired crack
Day 2, half way done
End of Day 2

Full Building Restoration, St. Louis, Missouri

January - November, 2015
Arcade Entrance
Grand Stairs from above
New Entrance
Typical Upper Floor Hallway
Marquis room and stairs
Marquis Room
Main Elevator Lobby
Arcade from Mezzanine
3rd Floor Transition Lobby
Lobby Stairs
3rd Floor Extended Hallway
On Site Fabrication

More photos on the way soon!